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From products suitable for use in the kitchen to the office and many other decorative and practical uses, we can provide you with a selection of unique, high quality gift items permanently personalized by laser engraving that are sure to be used and remembered for years to come.
Laser Engraved Awards
Make your awards ceremony even more memorable with personalized laser engraved plaques and other gifts.
Christmas Ornaments
Personalized Christmas ornaments make great holiday gifts. Several sizes. Laser engrave on one or both sides.
Laser Engraved Coasters and Trivets
Protect your home and office wood surfaces with our unique wood and leather coasters personalized by laser engraving.
Laser Engraved Desk and Office Accessories
Transform your office into your personal space with accessories personalized by laser engraving.
Laser Engraved Dog Tags
Dog tags can be laser engraved on one or both sides to make unique gifts or awards.
Laser Engraved Dreidels
Laser engraving can convert the traditional dreidel into a spinning custom gift or game.
Laser Engraved Flashlights
Anodized metal flashlights can be personalized by laser engraving into a classic gift.
Gag gifts and novelties
Use laser engraving to add messages or graphics that converts everyday items into unique gifts.
Laser Engrave Glassware
Laser engraving can permanently etch your message or image onto a variety of glassware.
Laser Engraved Golf Accessories
Golf tees, ball markers, spike cleaning tools and more can all be personalized using laser engraving.
Laser Engraved Houseware and Kitchenware
Laser engraving can add your name to kitchen utensils and tools. Permanent marking never fades or wears off.
Laser engraved industrial labels and tags
Use laser engraving to add bar codes, part numbers, QR codes and more permanently to your asset tags and labels.
Laser engraved jewelry
Laser engraving can add names or initials to solid onyx or jade pendants, ear rings, cuff links and other jewelry items.
Laser Engraved Keychains
We have a variety of keychain styles in wood and metal that can be laser engraved into unique gifts.
Laser Engraved Knives and Multi-tools
Knives or multi-tools can be personalized by laser engraving to make great gifts for any occasion.
Laser Engraved Oyster and Clam Knives
Shuck your oysters and clams in grand style using an oyster knife with a handle personalized using laser engraving.
Pens, Pencils and Gift Sets Personalized by Laser Engraving
Wood pens, wood mechanical pencils, gift boxed pen sets, etc. can all be personalized using laser engraving.
Personalized puzzles and games
Laser engraving can produce unique wood puzzles, toys and games unlike any you have ever seen before.
Laser Engraved School Supplies
Tired of having your child's scissors and supplies disappear at school? Permanently laser engrave them with their name.
Laser Engraved Steak Knives
Add extra class to your next barbecue using restaurant grade steak knives with handles personalized by laser engraving.
Suit Markers
Never ask "What's trump" again with one of our suit markers.
Laser engraved wine gifts
Custom wine glasses, carafes, coasters and more can all be produced and personalized using laser engraving.
Wood block cubes
Laser engraved wood block cubes can be used as gifts, mementos, awards, promotional products and lots more.
Laser Engraved Wood Mouse Pads
Our REAL wood mouse pads combine beautiful natural woods with high quality neoprene pads for a unique laser engraved gift.
Laser Engraved Wood Plaques
Wood plaques in many sizes make great awards or gifts for any occasion when personalized using laser engraving.
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