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From products suitable for use in the kitchen to the office and many other decorative and practical uses, we can provide you with a selection of unique, high quality gift items permanently personalized by laser engraving that are sure to be used and remembered for years to come.

Laser Engraved Awards For All Occasions
Our laser engravers can produce unique awards for any type of testimonial dinner or awards ceremony.
Baby Blocks
The perfect way to memorialize those precious new arrivals. A family treasure forever. Great gift, too!
Laser Engraved Back Scratchers
Nothing says, "We've got your back" better than a quality back scratcher personalized using laser engraving.
Laser Engraved Personalized Backgammon Doubling Cube
Personalized laser engraved backgammon doubling cubes. Great gift, club marker or tournament prize.
Coasters and Trivets Personalized By Laser Engraving
Beverage coasters and trivets personalized using laser engraving add a unique look to any table top, bar or counter.
Desk and Office Accessories Personalized By Laser Engraving
Laser engraved products excel at adding a personal touch to any desk or work space.
Laser Engraved Dog Tags
Laser engraving is perfect for creating custom dog tags in a variety of formats.
Dreidels - They're Not Just For Hanukkah Any More!
Thanks to our laser engravers the dreidels can now be more than just a Hanukkah game.
Flashlights Personalized By Laser Engraving
Flashlights and lamps with anodized metal tubes engrave very well and make great gifts and promotional items.
In Vino Veritas Novelty Wine Glass
Laser engraving can add humor to even the most mundane objects.
Gift Packaging
Put your laser engraved gift into one of our gift boxes or tubes and you're ready to go. Sizes for most knives, pens, pencils, multi-tools, back scratchers, etc.
Personalized Glassware
Add a personal touch to glasses, carafes and other glassware with laser engraving
Golf Accessories from Laser-Engraved-Gifts.com
Laser engraving offers a unique way to permanently personalize a number of popular golf accessories.
Housewares and Kitchen Utensils Personalized By Laser Engraving
Use laser engraving to add a personal touch to housewares and kitchen utensils.
Laser Engraved ID Tags and Products
Laser engraving is excellent for producing ID tags and labels using a variety of materials.
Industrial Laser Engraving
The permanence and high precision of laser engraved images makes them ideal for many industrial applications.
Jewelry Personalized by Laser Engraving
Use laser engraving to add a unique personal touch to many different pieces of jewelry.
Key chains personalized by laser engraving
Personalized key chains make an excellent personal gift or business promotional product.
Laser Engraved Knives and Multi-Tools
Laser engraved pocket knives and multi-tools make excellent gifts and promotional products.
Laser Engraved Wood Mouse Pads
Make a real impression with your text or image on a mouse pad with a REAL WOOD surface.
Oyster and Clam Knives
Make your next oyster or clam bake a special success with personalized oyster and clam knives.
Pens, Pencils and Sets Personalized By Laser Engraving
Personalized pens, pencils and sets are among the perennially most popular laser engraved items.
Pictino™ Wood Domino Puzzles
Challenge yourself and your friends with puzzles laser engraved on arrays of natural wood dominoes.
First Communion Cross Personalized By Laser Engraving
Use laser engraving to create personalized mementos to commemorate significant religious or spiritual events.
Laser Engraved School Supplies
Use laser engraving to make it easy to identify your children's school supplies.
Lock Knife Personalized By Laser Engraving
Use laser engraving to add a unique personal touch to a variety of sports and outdoors equipment items.
Laser Engraved Steak Knives
Add a personal touch to your next BBQ with steak knives that have your name laser engraved into their wood handles.
Laser Engraved Suit Markers
Personalized laser engraved card game suit markers. Great gift, club marker or tournament prize.
Laser Engraved Wood Block Puzzle
Laser engraving can be used to personalize and create many different kinds of toys, games and puzzles.
Wine Accessories Personalized By Laser Engraving
Use laser engraving to add a unique personal touch to your bar or wine serving items including glassware, carafes, coasters accessories and more.
Personalized Wood Blocks Make Great Gifts
Wood blocks can be a very effective gift or promotion item. Six separate faces than can be independently engraved to deliver your message.
Laser Engraved Plaques
Your photographs and other images can be laser photo engraved permanently onto beautiful wood plaques in a variety of sizes.
Let Your Imagination Run Wild
Laser engraving is an amazingly flexible technology. Got an idea? Give us a call.
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Gift Certificate for Laser-Engraved-Gifts.com
Price: From $10.00 to $250.00
Gift Certificate for Laser-Engraved-Gifts.com
Not sure what laser engraved gifts to give to friends and relatives on your gift list? Give them a gift certificate and let them choose for themselves. Available in amounts from $10 to $250. Never expire. Refillable. PIN emailed directly to you.
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