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Dreidel Drinking Game with Personalized Top - Battle of the Sexes

Dreidel Drinking Game - Battle of the Sexes Edition
Dreidel Drinking Game - Battle of the Sexes EditionDrinking Dreidel Top Side PersonalizationLaser Engraved Hardwood Dreidel SizeDrinking Dreidel Drawstring Carry Pouch Colors
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Item Number: 96-005


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It's the women vs. the men in this team drinking update to the ever popular dreidel game. Unlike other dreidel drinking games which require you to interpret the Hebrew letters to play (even tougher after a couple rounds of play :-), for our drinking dreidels we use our state of the art laser engraving systems to cut the plain English game instructions permanently into the wood. Plus, you can choose how your teams are called and have your name or a custom message laser engraved on the top of your dreidel. The laser cut is very sharp and high resolution and will never fade or rub off; it gives the dreidel a unique textured look. The dreidels are natural hardwood. Sanded smooth but absolutely NO PAINT, NO STAIN, NO VARNISH, NO LACQUER or any other sort of finish is used on these wood dreidels. Totally Green!

We engrave the faces of our dreidels with the following dreidel drinking game text:

  • Side 1 - I Drink
  • Side 2 - Women Drink (can also choose "Girls", "Ladies" or "Gals")
  • Side 3 - Men Drink (can also choose "Boys", "Gents" or "Guys")
  • Side 4 - We All Drink

Any number can play. Before you start agree on whether a "Drink" is a sip, a shot, chug a beer or whatever, give everybody a full glass of their chosen beverage then just spin the dreidel and let the games begin. Round ends when everybody's drink is gone. Makes a great ice breaker at the local bar or for your next party and a perfect game for bridesmaids and groomsmen, sorority/fraternity mixers, etc.! And, of course, know your limit, obey local laws regarding legal drinking age and ALWAYS drink responsibly!!!

Standard* features of these laser engraved hardwood dreidels include:

  • Large solid hardwood dreidel - all dreidels are made from solid hardwood. The dreidels are 2-1/2" from tip to top, 1-1/8" wide on each face. Knurled knob on top of the top so you can give it a good spin.

  • Natural wood finish - Our dreidels are sanded smooth and rounded on all sides and edges to eliminate any splinters, jagged edges or rough areas. Completely natural hardwood - no paints, stains, varnishes, lacquers or any other type of finish are used.
  • Choose Your Team Names - You can can have choose "Women", Girls, "Ladies" or "Gals" for the women's team and "Men, Boys, "Gentlemen or "Guys" for the men's team. (If you want something special for an event give us a call.)
  • Personalize your dreidels - You can have a message of up to 30 characters engraved around the top of the dreidel to personalize it with a name or message just for you.
  • Includes drawstring carry pouch - Your dreidel comes with a drawstring carry pouch in your choice of black, burgundy or gray. Perfect for storing your dreidel dice in your desk, purse or briefcase between games. Don't want a carry pouch? We'll deduct $1 from the cost.
  • 100% Made In The USA100% American Made - all parts used in the construction of these hardwood dreidels are made from American hardwood and all engraving is done in Vancouver, Washington USA.

If you're looking for a cute bar game or party ice breaker for any event this hand crafted dreidel drinking game made from natural wood and produced in an environmentally friendly way should be just the thing. And please remember, always drink responsibly.

*PLEASE NOTE: The standard engraving options shown here are but a small fraction of the engraving we can perform with our state of the art laser engraving system. Logos, pictures, names, messages, etc. can all be engraved on our dreidels. If you want fully custom engraved dreidel games, whether 10 or 100 or 1,000 or more for a special requirement, contact us for details.

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